It all started with a pile of Vogue Magazines and a love affair with my Grandmother's closet.

A passion for high frequency style was ignited within me as I discovered that what we wear has the power to shape our energy and attract positive experiences into our lives – it's the magic of the Law of Resonance.

Now, I'm on a mission to empower your inner Goddess through my extraordinary designs. By harmonizing your style with the frequencies of abundance, joy, and self-expression, we unlock the true power of fashion as a catalyst for transformation.

Fashion was my dazzling entry point into the profound realization that we are a living, breathing vibe! 

As I delved into the world of style, coupled with my insatiable curiosity for unraveling the mysteries of the Universe I was led on a transformative journey.  This journey has shaped the very essence of my life's work, but it wasn't without its challenges and hard-earned lessons that brought me to where I stand today...

Now, I stand before you, ready to hold your hand as your mystical trainer, ignite your inner radiance and unleash your true potential. Just like your trainer at the gym, I can't lift the metaphorical weights for you, but I can provide wisdom & accountability.  Together, we'll embark on an extraordinary exploration of expanding consciousness, high-frequency style and the boundless power it holds. Through my designs and teachings, I'll guide you in harnessing the energetic forces of the Universe, so you can step into your authentic power and manifest your wildest dreams.

Join me on this magnetic adventure, where we'll transcend boundaries and unlock the secrets of self-expression. My high vibe clothing line Love Lillett is an electrifying experience that merges the worlds of fashion and cosmic wisdom.  Wear it to weave the tapestry of your destiny, one fashionable vibration at a time. The time is now. The stars align. Are you ready to shine?

my sol

Fun fact ... did you know Katie means pure & Sol means sun?  Walking in the world as PURE SUNSHINE is my vibe & my name.

With this newfound understanding of frequency, I dedicated myself to crafting high-frequency clothing that not only adorns the body but also uplifts the spirit. Each design became a harmonious symphony of colors, patterns, and textures, meticulously curated to align with the vibrations of joy, abundance, and empowerment.

What I'm 


Crafting my high-frequency line Love Lillett that not only beautifully adorns the body but also uplifts the spirit. The experience of wearing my high vibe line is like stepping into a realm of elevated energy, where every fabric, every stitch, and every design choice radiates a vibrant frequency that ignites your inner light and elevates your sense of self-expression.

What I'm 


As I continue to learn and grow, I am embracing the truth that I have no limits, empowering myself to reach new heights and create a life that knows no boundaries.

What I'm 

not about

Grind away at a job you hate, dread Mondays, not make the money you are worth, the 3% raises or having no time for your passions.

what I


I'm all about breaking free from the conventional, embracing limitless possibilities, and co-creating a world where passion and purpose thrive.

a glimpse into my mystical life

tres chic


in the sky!

Swim              SEA
DRINK        WILD AIR.   

in the




partnerships & collaborations & keynotes

Lighting up an audience, lights me up!  I am the magnetic catalyst for partnerships, collaborations, and keynotes, infusing each endeavor with a harmonious blend of passion, expertise, and transformative energy.

Freebie Freebie Freebie


Life is too short to: hate Mondays, not wake up excited everyday, not make what you're worth, not do the things you love and spend time with the people you love.
 You know you WANT a change.
 You WISH for more.
But are you WILLING to do what it takes to make it happen?

If you're into raising your consciousness, ethereal fashion, great mocktails, things I find funny + probably way too many videos of mystical living ... You've come to the right place. 

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